5 Helpful tips to make your kids’ haircut a worthwhile experience

5 Helpful tips to make your kids’ haircut a worthwhile experience

Do you remember your first haircut when you were a kid? Probably not. But it is important that your little boy’s every haircut will be memorable, in a good way of course. That is why getting their haircut in the best barbershop in town is a way to go. Nowadays, Instagram “babies” is a thing, and we all want our kids to look the cutest on social media. If you are constantly brushing hair in your kid’s eyes, it may be time for a trim. Check out the nearest barbershop in the area.

You may think that getting your kid a haircut in a barbershop is an easy feat. Oftentimes, this is harder than you thought. Kids, particularly if it is their first haircut can trigger some worst tantrums such as endless crying and screaming. It can be a struggle for parents to get their kids to overcome haircut anxiety or simply a haircut disaster waiting to happen. This may be caused by an overwhelming change in environment and unfamiliar faces. This can also happen even to older kids particularly if they are unfamiliar with the place.

It can be a challenge to get your kid a haircut, thus, it is important that you are prepared on your trip to the barbershop. Here are some ways you can do to keep your kid from throwing a tantrum during your haircut session:

1. Do your research first

It is important that before heading to the barbershop, you have an idea of the hairstyle you would love for your kid. If your child is old enough, make sure that he chooses the style he loves. You can check out hairstyles on Instagram or Pinterest and show them to him. Ask your nearest barbershop in the area for tips on the best hairstyle.

2. Give him a distraction

This is the most effective way to keep your kid from moving all around or freaking out. You can make him watch his favorite show or movie on your phone or if you have a no-tech rule, bring his favorite toy so he will be occupied during the haircut. 

3. Bring some treats

What’s the best way to keep your kid still? Give him something to munch on. If you think he will unleash a monster breakdown, use some treats like lollipops or his favorite snacks to distract him.

4. Snap pictures or record videos

Most children like seeing images of themselves and taking a picture and showing it to him saying how cute he is will surely distract him. As a bonus, you can print or save these pictures as something to remember when he gets older.

5. Choose the best barbershop

The best barbershop like Downtown Finest offers quality haircuts that both you and your kid will love. The professional barbers of this fine institution are experts in different trendy hairstyles. Why not make it the best experience and get your haircut together with your kid. You will surely have the best father and son bonding moment. Call now!

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